Family Counselling

Relationship breakdown and separation can often be a time of great emotion, uncertainty, anger, confusion and most importantly, a parent’s fear of possibly losing time or a relationship with their child/ren. It is often worrying and concerning when your son or daughter are unhappy or do not want to spend time with the other parent. It is not uncommon to feel anger, a sense of loss, frustration and uncertainty. Sometimes each parent feels what they want is best for the children and reaching an agreement with your ex-partner seems such a difficult task.

Family breakdown, conflict regarding the children and ongoing disagreements are issues that often cause significant troubles for separated parents or those who are in the midst of separating. Family counselling with NeuFamilies aims to help parents resolve disputes by focusing on solutions and the future, and not become entangled with the unchangeable past. Children’s views, wishes and feelings can be discussed with parents to focus on positive discussions and finding workable solutions that last.

Children also can struggle with family breakdown, major changes, having to live between two homes, new partners or step-parents and step-siblings, plus ongoing conflict between their parents. Family counselling can provide children and young people the professional assistance, guidance and support they need. It has assisted many people and children develop improved coping strategies, help to better understand the past and the current family situation, and help children make sense of the changes happening in their lives.

I would encourage you to stop the headache, frustration, continual arguing and disagreeing with your ex-partner and take control of the situation by seeking professional assistance. Please take a moment to email, telephone or complete the online enquiry form and we will be happy to discuss your situation.

Individual, couple or children only appointments are available.